Evil Forces in the World

Reflections on ''Evil Forces in the World,'' as well as occasional remarks concerning ''Good Forces in the World.''

Friday, May 31, 2002

I haven't written anything for this blog site in roughly two and a half months. But I like to think I've just been on sabbatical, using this time off to both reflect and generate new thoughts. "But seriously Rich," you ask, "what the hell have you really been doing these past few months, you lazy asshole?" Well then: I read the comic book or "graphic novel" Caricature (cover to cover no less!), wrote about 900 emails, purchased the new Promise Ring LP, saw the Promise Ring, and went ten days straight without sleeping.

To all you suckers: I didn't fall off, I just momentarily was trotting a slanted edge of deep contemplation. As for what's to come from me, I refer you to the Dr. Dre song "Forgot About Dre."

It's been too long, far too long. Life gets busy. Time is a tricky force: sometimes good, and sometimes evil.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

It's been an exceptionally long time, and it's a bloody shame.

At the moment, I'm primarily interested in finding a new berth, as my internship will soon draw to a close. Very soon, in fact. By June 12, I will be in Kings County, my only home, for jury duty. A gentleman from a fine radio program asked to speak to yours truly, and I returned the call. Unfortunately, I returned the call far later than I should have, but hopefully this won't be a problem. Radio is a good force.