Evil Forces in the World

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Thursday, December 19, 2002

Rich So is a crackhead
Elektra is Greek. She is not Asian.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002


I wanted my first post, uh, "hiatus" blog to be more substantial than a comic book "fanboy" rant, but here it is: the new Daredevil movie based on the Marvel comic book of the same name features a white Elektra. What the hell? Elektra is not white, not even vaguely close to caucasian. Contrary to the film's promotional tableaus, Elektra of the comic book series is decidely ASIAN, a woman who was born in the Orient to ASIAN parents and to an originally ASIAN name. My god, race action groups should unite with fanboy purists to protest this insane representational injustice. Now, I hate to play the obvious ethnic studies fascist race card, but when the subtle racist politics of mass media infringe on the joys of comic book entertainment, typically a refuge from such vulgar interests, I am afraid I will have to point the finger as a "yellow man." Evil evil evil.

Indie rock videos that feature stuffed puppets. Starlite mints, Saves the Day, and of course, Weezer. Ironic? Funny? Silly? Stupid? It's so hard to tell these days, but I will say that I do miss the beloved hand puppets of Siffle and Olly, one of the greatest MTV shows of all time. It was, as they would say, "crescent fresh."