Evil Forces in the World

Reflections on ''Evil Forces in the World,'' as well as occasional remarks concerning ''Good Forces in the World.''

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Panic button!
My name is not Charles Dutton,
Never starred on "Roc,"
Or wore mock
Tater tot
Muttonchop, rhyme-a-lot

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

They ain't the same thing,
One is managerial, the others all about
How you swing,
Conversational, discursive, and stupid dope illa
Magilla, Manila, Brooklyn native, sharp teeth Dhakazilla
My taka, zer-ah
Vero, from Argentina
Weena, postapocalyptic scene-a
Pace Lytal, take your Nytol
Urban sprawl, hysteria unjustified
My society
Stratified, Five-Alive
Beverage of champions
Beveridge Report, my retort:
Let's use torts and courts,
Ministry of Arts, Culture, and Sports
My name is not Ichabod,
Or Gorilla Grodd
I'm not mod, I'm med-
ieval, boll weevil
Eat your crops,
Never rock birkenstocks or flip-flops
Or frequent sock hops
Too busy keeping my hair frizzy,
Spinnin' round, gettin' dizzy
I'm in a tizzy,
My friend has a dog named Izzy
McGuire has a bosom,
But I didn't notice
I use Lotus
And Totes umbrellas,
complete with laser beams to ward off intergalactic "Goodfellas,"
By which I mean "Badfellas"
From Hellas to Macedon,
Don Juans in longjohns and flannel
Eating fennel, always poopin' in a kennel
"Who let the dogs out?"
"It wasn't me"
My Lite Brite, you know,
"It turns on the magic of colored lights,"
"Shining friends, shining bright," something, something,
"Say goodnight," Gracie
My manifest destiny equals belly expansion
Why're you chasin' bison, are you ranchin'?
With Rancheros?
Claim a comet, man, like your Project was Eros