Evil Forces in the World

Reflections on ''Evil Forces in the World,'' as well as occasional remarks concerning ''Good Forces in the World.''

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Small consolation can be found here. "A Sentence Of Sorts in Kongsinger" is excellent for dancing. The title, though, is horrible. Completely horrible.

This might be a good time to briefly discuss Top Tens, or rather miscellaneous favorites. I always trust Hua Hsu, and you should too. Please consult his "I'm Just Bumpin' My Music" list, which rightly gives pride of place to T.I. Some punk made off with my copy of King before leaving for a war-ravaged hellhole. As much as I love the album, and war-ravaged hellholes, it never occurred to me to, say, hang from the wheel of a helicopter and snatch it from her, though that would've taught her a good lesson about the perils of petty theft.

Gorilla vs. Bear always has solid lists.

To no discernible end, I will share my actual 2006 Top Twenty based on the actual number of times I've listened to various songs released this year. This is likely to reflect poorly on me.

Pure genius.
2/Be Your Own Pet
Wow! The lead singer had a stomachache when I saw them perform. I was standing next to a loud heckler, and the lead called her "ugly," which was apparently enough to send the heckler packing. What a wimp. At first I thought the confrontation would escalate, but alas the lead vocalist had the mike, and she was skinny and pretty enough to give her barbed remark added sting. People are terrible. I would've killed the heckler with kindness. And chances are Hitler would've overrun me with his Panzer divisions.
3/Get Him Eat Him
I only bought this album because at least one member of the band is Asian, so I don't know how they got on this list.
4/The Hold Steady
At first this was for research, seriously, but it's pretty damn catchy. The trouble is that the dude is quite possibly some kind of crypto-misogynist, and all of their shows are what the wags call "sausage-fests" and not, as a good friend pointed out somewhat crudely, ... wait, term was actually so crude that I can't repeat it. Instead, I will use my preferred "sausage-fest" counterpart, "slam ranch," as in, "a ranch full of slam." Another good friend proposed releasing an album titled "Pre-K Naptime Slam Ranch," which ought to have landed her in jail, except she's cool. I'm losing the plot here.
5/Band of Horses
A friend of mine recommended this to me because they were apparently friends of his friends. I thought it sounded like something a young woman I thought was cute (from certain angles) would like it. And before you know it they were huge! I had nothing to do with their success, suffice it to say.
I like them more than any of these other bands.
7/The Fiery Furnaces
This is only here because I listened to "Police Sweater Blood Vow" over one hundred times.
8/Cold War Kids
9/Dirty Pretty Things
10/Bound Stems
Friends of friend! Missed their show for completely tense and awkward evening. Would have been much better spent rocking.
No one else would dance to the new album. Everyone danced to the last two. Messed up, man.
13/Silversun Pickups
Beautiful bassist, very tall.
14/The Stills
Everyone else at this show was about ten years old. My companion was really young-looking (despite the fact that she's only slighter younger than I am), and so I literally looked like a criminal deviant.